You Can Remove Stubborn Stickers with These Tips

Some things in life take a moment to complete but seemingly take an eternity to undo. Growing-out bad haircuts and removing “why did I do that?” tattoos are two examples that come to mind. A third one is taking off an old and/or unsightly bumper sticker from your vehicle. The knowledgeable technicians at Certified Headquarters offer a number of effective removal methods for you to get the job done!


Hair dryers are not just for drying hair. The heat of a hair dryer will help to dissolve the sealant so you can start peeling off the sticker, starting at one of the corners. All you need is a hair dryer, extension cord, and electrical outlet. Heat the sticker by holding the hair dryer near it for a minute or so. Afterwards, try to start peeling. If the sticker is affixed to the vehicle’s paint, do not use anything sharp as it can damage the paint job. A gadget such as a rubber spatula can be utilized to assist with the removal process.

Tips to Remove Stubborn Stickers


Ice cubes aren’t solely for beverages. Another method of removing bumper stickers from vehicles is by holding an ice cube on the sticker for a few minutes to loosen adhesive. Then, begin to peel the sticker from a corner. A plastic card or dull razor blade is terrific to use on windows or any other glass components. It is crucial the razor blade is held at an angle so that you don’t scratch the glass.

Goo Gone Product

Goo Gone is a trusted product that is able to remove bumper stickers. Cover the sticker with the substance and let it be for a few minutes. This will make it much easier for you to peel the sticker as well as any remnants left behind on your vehicle.

Rubbing Alcohol

Simply drench the bumper sticker with rubbing alcohol and let it do it’s thing, which is dissolving the sticker’s bond onto the vehicle. Then, proceed to peel the sticker starting at a corner.

White Vinegar

One of the many uses of white vinegar is removing bumper stickers from automobiles. The awesome benefit of this method is that there are no harmful chemicals to worry about. Immerse a household sponge in the vinegar and place on the sticker for a minimum of one minute. You are now ready to begin peeling.

The competent technicians at Certified Headquarters are proud to share these helpful tips for removing bumper stickers with you. We are a “customer first” corporation and look forward to assisting you with all your automobile needs. Fantastic vehicles, competitive prices, and optimum customer service make us a top-shelf Long Island business. You may contact us Monday-Sunday at 631-366-3700 or visit our establishment situated at 873 Middle Country Road in St. James.