Why You Shouldn’t Buy Your Next Car From a Private Owner

You may experience the overwhelming urge, compulsion, or temptation to buy your next car from a private owner. We recommend against this, however, if you want to avoid the litany of headaches and aggravations that go along with it.

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Reasons to Avoid Buying from Private Owners

There are many hoops to jump through that make buying from private owners incredibly strenuous. This isn’t an exhaustive list, but these are the most common problems you’ll face:

  • Their advertisements are usually confusing and contain limited information. Great Used car dealerships always publish all the pertinent information on every model on their lot. This includes updated photos, mileage, age, amenities, maintenance history, CarFax, and so forth. We’re not saying that most private sellers are dishonest. It’s just not as likely to be thorough, polished, or professional.
  • Did you know that Certified Headquarters is open every day of the week? While we always have somebody to field phone calls and answer questions, the same isn’t true of private sellers. They can either purposefully ignore you or at least screen calls and leave you hanging.
  • You’re more likely to encounter unscrupulous hagglers. Whereas if you utilize a reputable dealership like Certified Headquarters, things are more standardized and aligned with MSRP.
  • Unlike bad dealerships, there’s not much of a way to leave “bad reviews” for private sellers if they trick you into buying a hoopty.

Certified Headquarters – Buy Here Instead

We put “certified” in our name for a reason. That’s because we’ve spent the last 25 years furnishing only the most reliable certified preowned cars to the good folks in New York. This allows you to bypass the problems we alluded to with private sellers.

We not only offer a wide array of reliable used models, but we have plenty of ways to pay for them. It doesn’t matter if you’re budgeting for a $20,000 vehicle or need something under $10,000, we can work with you to find something.

Also, if you find yourself looking to sell your car, you can save yourself the inverse of these hassles by using us for that, too. This saves a lot of trouble and puts you in a better position to leverage good trade-in options for a used car upgrade.

Certified Headquarters is the best no-frills, no-headache buying resource in St. James, NY area. Don’t forget to check out our awesome Rare Find of the Month. This time it’s a vintage 1956 Chevy Belair Coupe. You never know what other intriguing items you might find with us. Call to learn more, at 631-366-3700.

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