What’s the Best Used Family Car for You?

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A favorite family car, be it the family minivan or the SUV or the truck or compact/subcompact cars, is down to what each specific build delivers to your family in terms of functionality and what you need from it. So we will examine these car builds from the vantage points of:

  • Seating capacity.
  • Cargo space.

Seating Capacity

Family vehicle

Compact/Subcompact Cars: Of the compact/subcompact cars available, there is the sedan, the coupe, the hatchback and they seat different numbers of passengers. While the sedan seats 5 passengers, the coupe seats 4 passengers but could seat a lesser number of passengers, and the hatchback seats 5 passengers.

Family Minivan: When it comes to the family minivan, which offers more in seating than any of the compact/subcompact cars available, there are 8 available seating slots in three rows and a walkthrough.

SUV: Hugely dependent on the type you choose, this car can serve as the used best family car for you if you are looking for either a 5-passenger seating capacity or a 7-passenger seating capacity.

Truck: Not only does this type of family car seat 5 passengers like the sedan and the hatchback, but you can also tow either a boat or an RV while you are comfortably seated.

Cargo Space

Compact/Subcompact Cars: When it comes to cargo space, the hatchback is more preferable as a choice here if you are a family of 4 or 5 with an above-average storage requirement for baggage, grocery, et al.

Family Minivan: Say you have a family of 8 – or even a family of 5 that needs more storage space than any compact/subcompact car can provide, this fits because you can expand the cargo space by sacrificing seats for storage.

SUV: This offers almost the same storage space as the family minivan but not entirely all the way.

Truck: This tows! This hauls!! Imagine all you can get if you are really focused on cargo space more than seating capacity: you can easily tow a month’s supply of grocery, and other necessities and luxuries with you.

Do you go for a compact/subcompact car (sedan, coupe, hatchback), a family minivan, an SUV, or a truck? Let the Certified Headquarters team help you make that decision at our Suffolk County office on 873 Middle Country Road in St. James; a quick phone call to 631-366-3700 works too!