What to Look for When Driving in the Winter

With cold weather comes dangerous driving conditions. When you’re commuting this winter, you want to get from here to there as safely as possible. In order to do so, here’s what to look for when driving in the winter:

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First, keep an eye on your speed. It’s important to drive slower than you normally would when the roads are covered in snow and ice. Not only does this reduce your risk of losing control of your vehicle, but it also allows you to space out from other drivers.

The second thing to look out for when driving in the winter is other cars. Keep a great distance from other vehicles on the road to stay as safe as possible. By keeping your distance, you can significantly reduce the risk of a collision in the instance that you or another driver loses control of their vehicle.

It’s important to remember that snowy and icy roads reduce traction, which means you need to brake and accelerate at a slower rate than normal. Give yourself plenty of time to bring your vehicle to a complete stop when approaching a stop light, stop sign, or another vehicle. If you slam on your brakes, you may lose control of your car. The same goes for if you attempt to accelerate quickly after coming to a complete stop. Pressing your foot on the accelerator at fast speed may cause your vehicle to spin out.

Next, look out for changes in tire pressure. When the temperature drops, so does tire pressure. You don’t want your tires to have a low pressure because this increases your risk of getting a flat tire.

Another common car problem during the winter is getting a dead battery. Battery power decreases in cold weather, which can cause older batteries to stop working. If your battery is aging, you may want to consider replacing it this winter, especially if you find yourself jumping your car often.

Keeping an eye out for these things when driving in the winter can help you get from here to there as safely as possible during the coldest months of the year. Now that you know how to stay safe this winter when you’re behind the wheel, you’re ready to shop with Certified Headquarters. Discover our dealership of top-quality pre-owned vehicles at 873 Middle Country Rd. in St. James, NY.

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