What are Those Strange Car Noises?

All drivers know that sometimes vehicles make strange noises. The soothing purr of a well-tuned engine is a nice sound to hear, but it isn’t always what we hear when we’re behind the wheel of our vehicles. If you want to learn more about the strange car noises you may be hearing, continue reading this blog post for further details.

Used Toyota

You may hear squeaking under the hood of your car when you’re driving from here to there. This sound is likely due to a worn or damaged accessory belt. The belt is probably slipping, causing the squeaking or squealing noise. If you hear this sound, you may need a replacement belt.

Another common car noise is hissing under the hood. If you hear your car hissing, it may be experiencing a vacuum leak. A vacuum line may be damaged, and your check engine light may turn on as a result. If you feel your car is running a little rough, take your vehicle to a local service garage for maintenance when you hear this sound.

The next common car noise is screeching wheels. The sound of screeching wheels can come from the brake pads. Brake pads wear down over time and require replacements after a while. The screeching noise indicates that the pads have worn down and it’s time to replace them.

Grinding brakes is the final car noise that many people experience. Grinding brakes, or a metal on metal sound, indicate that the brake pads are completely worn down. If you hear grinding brakes, your brake pads, and even your brake rotors, may need to be replaced or repaired.

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