These Tips Will Help You Safely Sanitize Your Vehicle

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We are all concerned these days with keeping everything as safe as possible because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Although COVID-19 is one of the best reasons to make sure your car is sanitized, it’s not the only reason. If you don’t clean your car regularly, the surfaces could be harboring fungi or bacteria. While we are sanitizing our entire homes, we need to remember to sanitize our cars. If you are not sure how to sanitize your car, we have some tips.

Vehicle Interior

Car Sanitizing in Suffolk County

First, you’ll want to remove the dust and dirt from your car. Those dust and dirt particles could harbor mold, Because your car is a sealed environment, not cleaning your car may give mold a chance to develop. You can get rid of the dust and dirt in your car by vacuuming and using auto wipes to clean the surfaces.

Next, you’ll need to be sure that you have the cabin air filter changed. Cabin air filters not only help your car’s interior smell fresh, they also clean out viruses and bacteria from the air as well. After you’ve made sure your cabin air filter is clean, you need to wipe down the interior thoroughly. There are special disinfectant wipes that are safe for car use and also get rid of viruses and bacteria. You also need to clean all of the upholstery. Just because your car has leather seats doesn’t mean you can’t clean it. Companies make special leather upholstery cleaners, so you can make sure your leather is spotless.

Finally, be sure that you run your car through the car wash, so that your exterior is just as clean as the interior of your car. After you run your car through the car wash, your car is all clean and ready for your next trip!

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