The Truth about Worn Tires

Most articles you read about tires talk about brand new tires. While this information is helpful, these articles don’t explain what it is like to drive on worn tires. Most of us aren’t driving on brand new tires, and a tire technically becomes worn the second it hits the road, so learn the truth about worn tires by reading on.

St James Worn Tires

The more you drive on a set of tires, the more these tires undergo tread transformations. All of the grip that a tire has comes from tread, or the material that touches the road. Tires have the greatest tread when they are brand new, but this tread wears every time it touches the surface. Carefully designed tires can have outstanding tread that lasts longer in off-roading circumstances or with heavy-duty use.

The composition of a tire, or the materials that the tires are made from, also factor into the longevity of the tire. Most tires are made of rubber, but every manufacturer has their own formulas and additives. Some rubber tires with silica have been known to reduce rolling resistance and improve fuel economy.

Different from the tread, the contact patch of a tire is the part of the tire that is touching the ground at any given time. The shape of a tire defines the contact patch, which is usually either rectangular or rounded. Rounded contact patches are actually known to perform better in most situations and deliver better tread wear overtime.

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