Shifting Gears into Manual Transmission: What You Need to Know

While manual (standard) transmissions were once commonplace in most automobiles, their popularity has decreased over the past few decades. From 35% during the 1980s down to 3% in today’s market. There’s still a need for them from a select clientele who crave maximum performance from their machines. If you’re thinking about learning to drive stick, or think it’s time to become part of this niche group, you’re in luck. We’re about to give you a crash course.

what you need to know about driving a manual transmission

Definition and Advantage

Unlike automatic transmissions that are prevalent in today’s cars, a manual transmission requires the driver to change gears with the use of a clutch and shifting lever. This setup is favored by racing enthusiasts and provides the driver with more control over their car’s acceleration. Learning how to operate a stick shift in conjunction with the clutch while driving takes time to learn—so it’s best to be patient and take your time.

The Benefits of Going Manual

While the slight complexity might turn some away from getting a car with a manual transmission, there are several advantages to driving one. Aside from having better control over your car’s acceleration and handling, you might find that maintenance is a lot less frequent. A manual transmission can rack up a lot more miles than an automatic. Whether you’re driving up or down a hill, you’ll not only navigate them much better, but you’ll put a lot less strain on your brakes.

You might be able to find a car with a manual transmission to be cheaper as well. Because they’re an item that isn’t high in demand, you’ll find them priced reasonably lower than cars with an automatic transmission.

Should You Make the Move?

While there’s a huge advantage to owning a car with a manual transmission, you should decide what best fits your lifestyle and what you want in a car. If you want to have a more ‘hands-on’ experience with driving and exhort more control over acceleration, then going manual might be right for you. However, if you only think of a car as a means of getting from point A to point B, are a new driver, or don’t think you want to invest the time in learning, then an automatic transmission might be more suited for you.

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