Easy Steps To Replace Windshield Wiper Blades!

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Your windshield wipers are a must have in rainy road conditions. Without windshield wipers, your visibility will be severely limited. Before heavy rainfall hits, be sure your windshield wipers are working up to par. If they are not, have no fear. The following guide, with information provided by Geico, can help you replace your windshield wipers with ease.

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In order to replace your windshield wipers, you will need two brand-new wiper blades, rubbing alcohol, two clean rags, glass cleaner, and water. When shopping for the perfect pair of windshield wipers, simply visit your nearest auto parts store. Any local store should carry blades that are the correct length to match your vehicle. If you aren’t sure of your vehicle’s proper wiper length, many parts stores will have printed guides that can help you choose the perfect set. If your local shop doesn’t have a guide, an employee should be able to assist. New blades cost anywhere from $12 to $20 apiece.

Once you’ve purchased the perfect pair, get ready to install them. Start your car and squirt some wiper fluid onto your windshield to lubricate the service. Then, start your wipers. When both blades reach their apex, immediately turn your vehicle off. You will want both blades to be pointing towards your car roof. Get out of your vehicle and pull the arms of your wipers until they’re standing at a 90-degree angle from the windshield. When you hear a snap, you’ll know they’re locked into place correctly. Next, turn the blade of the wiper so they are horizontal. Then check your owner’s manual to know where your wiper blades should connect to the arms. All cars are different, so some may have certain parts, while others may not. Most have a tab that you can use your finger to press on and remove the blade. When you remove your old blades, you will expose a long, flat metal hook on the wiper’s arm. Take a moment to wrap a clean rag around the hooks so you can gently lay the hooks down on your windshield to prevent any accidental scratching.

When the old blades are safely removed, you’re ready to install your replacement blades. Different cars have different attachment mechanisms. If your car has the common hook-slot, you will comply slide the arm hook of your wipers over the tab and pull the wipers towards you until you hear a snap. That snap will signal your new units are secure and ready for use. If you have pin-type connections on your vehicle, this step is simple as well. Your new wipers will have a small hole. Align this small hole with the pin of your vehicle and snap it into place. Once you snap it securely, your new blade is ready for use.

However, you’re not done yet. Be sure to clean your windshield for the best possible performance. Using automotive glass cleaner, elbow grease and a clean rag can tidy up your windshield in just a few minutes. With your clean windshield and new blades, you’re ready for driving in any road conditions. Now that you know how to install windshield wipers onto any vehicle, you can shop from the inventory at Certified Headquarters. Our preowned vehicle dealership is located at 873 Middle Country road in St. James, New York, and we hope to see you soon.