Prep Your Car for Cooler Weather!

The temperature is cooling down, which means it’s time to prepare your car for colder weather. As winter approaches, you want to make sure your vehicle is ready for icy roads, freezing temperatures, and snowfall. Learn how to prep your car for cooler weather by reading on.v Suffolk County Car in Autumn

The first step to take when preparing your vehicle for the cooler weather is checking your fluids. You want to make sure you have a sufficient amount of oil in your vehicle before the freezing temperatures approach. You also need to have an appropriate amount of coolant and antifreeze in your vehicle during the winter.

Next, inspect your tires. Make sure there is an appropriate amount of tread left on your vehicle’s tires. Tread can make all the difference when driving on icy roads. If your tires are experiencing wear, be sure to have a tire replacement performed before the temperature drops.

Your battery can take a beating during the winter, so check out your battery before fall or winter hits to make sure it is prepared. Look at not only the battery but the connections. Clean the terminals and check the cables and battery fluid level to make sure everything is in order.

Packing an emergency kit is a great way to get ready for the winter. In case you do run into some problems with your vehicle during the colder months of the year, a safety kit can provide you with everything you need. Pack a flashlight, blanket, kitty litter or sand, snacks, an ice scraper, a small shovel, and a leak-proof container of coolant.

Now that you know how to prepare your vehicle for the winter, you’re ready to shop for a vehicle at Certified Headquarters. Check out our inventory of pre-owned vehicles when you visit 873 Middle Country Road in St. James.