How Often Should You Rotate Your Tires?

Rotating tires is something we have all heard of, but it frankly sounds like an unnecessary task that is just for perfectionists and car aficionados. However, tire rotation is actually seriously helpful for your vehicle and we’re going to take a look at a few reasons why.


As you drive around, your tires are constantly grinding and rubbing on the asphalt. This continuous action creates wear and tear on all four tires, but this wear is uneven. Some tires may take more of a beating than others and slightly worn tires don’t provide as much traction. Like a chain of falling dominoes, this depreciated traction leads to your vehicle distributing its power unevenly and ultimately puts a strain on components all over the vehicle.

Rotating tires prevents this issue from occurring. By moving tires around to different wheels, the wear and tear can be mitigated. Not only does this prevent more critical situations from developing, but it also improves handling and responsiveness in emergency situations.

Ensuring your vehicle has its tires rotated regularly is easier than it sounds. Most repair shops or automotive dealers will provide you with a maintenance schedule, which includes tire rotations as well as other preventative maintenance such as oil changes and flushes. Simply make sure your vehicle gets its regular check-ups and make sure to say yes when asked about tire rotation. Your vehicle will thank you, as will your pocketbook.

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