Extend the Life of Your New York Vehicle!

For most of us, our vehicle is one of the most important assets we own. Not only a representation of literal value, but vehicles also allow us to go about our lives and get back and forth to work. It’s been estimated that the average American spends nearly an hour in a vehicle every day, demonstrating that our lives are intertwined with vehicles now more than ever.

As such, it’s important to maintain these workhorses and ensure that they serve you as long as possible. Below are a few tips for guaranteeing a long and healthy life out of your automobile.

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Start Simple

One of the first things you can do to extend the health of your automobile is to discard extra weight. Every pound your engine has to lug around translates directly to fuel consumption, which affects the overall wear and tear on your vehicle. Check your trunk and storage spaces for items, particularly heavy ones, that don’t need to be in the car.

Roll With It

It’s common knowledge worth reviewing: your vehicle spends all of its time resting on four inflated tires. These miraculous devices are capable of withstanding tremendous punishment, but they do have their limitations. Every tire is designed with a specified pressure, measured in pounds per square inch, that it is to be maintained at. It’s estimated that more than a third of vehicles on the road today are riding on tires that aren’t sufficiently inflated. While this spells bad news for the tires themselves, this can also affect your overall fuel efficiency and the life of the vehicle itself. Check your tires regularly and keep them in tip-top shape.

Be Cool, Just Not Too Cool

Air conditioning is one of the great marvels of the 20th century and its inclusion in automobiles was certainly a milestone. However, its possible to become over-dependent on these cool devices, which can lead to reduced efficiency over time. Running your AC draws power from the engine, which further increases wear and tear. Use your AC sparingly and your vehicle will thank you for it.

Stay In Shape

Your automobile is a collection of parts synchronized to work in harmony to perform the same tasks over and over again for years on end. At the heart of this amazing orchestra is the engine, tweaked and timed to operate at peak efficiency. However, just like a conductor, if it starts missing beats the end result will be a loud disaster. Keeping your engine tuned up will ensure everything works as it should. Not only will this make for a more pleasant driving experience, it will also ensure your fuel efficiency and overall vehicle health is maintained.

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