Essential Driving Tips for Your Teen

Here at Certified Headquarters, cars are our business. We know that driving has become second nature for many adults, but for teens just hitting the road, driving is an entirely new way of thinking that requires patience, practice, and guidance from mom and dad. If you have a new teen driver in your family, then you are probably dealing with an extra dose of worry. To help put your mind at ease, try out these tips to help teach your teen how to drive.

Teen Driver

Be Prepared

While driving may be easy for you after years of practice, many driving skills are learned and counter-intuitive — do you remember the frustration of doing reverse turns when you were learning to drive? Before hitting busy roads with your teen, make sure you prepare them with knowledge of the basic functions of the car. Have them practice turns, stops, accelerations, and parking in your driveway or quiet lot until you are both confident to drive on the streets.

Be Patient

We know it can be nerve-racking to see your teen behind the wheel, but remind yourself that it can be a scary experience for them as well. Do your best to refrain from raising your voice and over-correcting them unless it is an emergency. Keeping calm will help keep your teen calm, and a calm driver is a safe driver.

Be Positive

Rather than criticizing every driving error your teen makes (there will be many!), point out what they are doing correctly. Even praising small accomplishments like making full stops, checking mirrors, and using turn signals can help boost your teen’s confidence and make them better drivers. Not to mention, the positive interaction will improve the bond with your teen.

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