Driving an SUV? Check Out These Tips!

SUVs are among the most popular vehicles on the road. Even though SUVs are so popular, many of us have learned to drive behind the wheel of a smaller sedan. If you are now looking to drive an SUV, after previously driving sedans, the following blog post contains SUV driving tips.

2003 Toyota 4Runner at Certified Headquarters

The first tip is to practice. After all, practice makes perfect! Get comfortable in your SUV before taking it out on the road. Practice driving your SUV in an empty parking lot or field to get used to different weather conditions, braking, and handling.

Next, keep it light. An SUV’s center of gravity is raised when it contains any cargo or passengers. The greater the vehicle’s center of gravity, the more likely you are to experience a rollover. Be mindful when packing heavy stuff or driving around a lot of passengers, and avoid using the roof rack unless absolutely necessary.

There’s no hurry, so drive a little slower when behind the wheel of an SUV. SUVs handle differently than lower-bodied sedans. Because of their handling, SUVs are not designed to make quick or sharp turns. Take it easy when driving down curved roads, and go especially slow in snow and rain.

It is important to leave lots of space between yourself and the vehicles around you when on the road. SUVs have a greater braking distance than most other cars, meaning it is harder to make sudden stops, especially in bad weather.

Next, mind your mirrors. Because SUVs are larger, they take up more space on the road and may have more blind spots for drivers. Make sure your mirrors are properly positioned to reduce your blind spots and increase your visibility.

If you are getting ready to make the transition from sedan to SUV, find the perfect vehicle for your needs at Certified Headquarters. Our pre-owned vehicle dealership is located at 873 Middle Country Road in St James, and we hope to see you here soon!