Extend the Life of Your New York Vehicle!

For most of us, our vehicle is one of the most important assets we own. Not only a representation of literal value, but vehicles also allow us to go about our lives and get back and forth to work. It’s been estimated that the average American spends nearly an hour in a vehicle every day, demonstrating that our lives are intertwined with vehicles now more than ever.

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The Truth about Worn Tires

Most articles you read about tires talk about brand new tires. While this information is helpful, these articles don’t explain what it is like to drive on worn tires. Most of us aren’t driving on brand new tires, and a tire technically becomes worn the second it hits the road, so learn the truth about worn tires by reading on.

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Preowned Cars: Keeping your Car Healthy at 10 Years Old and Beyond

St James Preowned Car Dealer | Suffolk County Used SUVs

For most Americans, their vehicle is a critical component of their everyday life. Our cars and trucks get us to work, out and about for recreation and everything in between. While everybody enjoys a new vehicle, the majority of Americans own a vehicle that is several years old, often well over a decade.

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Top 4 Causes of Summer Car Breakdowns

Long Island Preowned Car Dealer | Suffolk County Used SUVs

Summer is right around the corner and that means more vacations, more road trips, and more time spent in the car traveling from point A to point B. This season is heating up quickly, and your car can often feel the effects more than you realize. Here at Certified Headquarters, we want to make sure you and your car make it safely to all your summer fun destinations!

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How to Change your Air Filter by Yourself

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Cars cost money. In addition to the actual expense of purchasing the vehicle, there’s insurance costs, administrative costs, and maintenance expenses. Cars, especially modern ones, are also complex machines with finely-tuned interconnected parts that can seem mysterious to most people. The prospect of digging around inside a car is a daunting prospect for most people, but it doesn’t have to be.

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