Build Your Own Winter Car Survival Kit

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The winter weather is here, which means the tough driving conditions are here too. When winter storms arrive, you want to be prepared. Keep reading to learn how to build your own winter survival kit for your vehicle.

If your car breaks down in the winter, it’s probably cold outside. You want to stay warm, so pack a candle-powered heater in your survival kit. Include an emergency candle and a lighter as well. You also want to pack a blanket. Consider some additional clothing as well, such as a jacket, sweater, gloves, socks, and a hat. St James Car in Snow

Up next, add a small LED flashlight to your winter car survival kit. An LED flashlight can come in handy when you’re trying to change a flat tire or look under the hood.

If your car breaks down, it’s important to have your phone handy. To make sure your phone battery doesn’t die, include a cell phone car charger in your winter car survival kit.

Flat tires are common in the winter. If you get a flat tire, a portable air compressor can help you get back on the road. Include a tire pressure gauge in your survival kit to help you determine which of your tires are in need of additional air.

Another common winter car problem is battery failure. Pack some jumper cables in your winter car survival kit in case your battery fails. Even if your battery is fine, these cables may be able to help another driver you come across during your trip.

A foldable shovel is a great tool to keep on hand during the winter months of the year. If your car gets stuck in the show, a compact shovel can help you remove the snow from under your tires.

This winter, shop with Certified Headquarters to find the perfect cold weather car. Pack your pre-owned vehicle with a winter weather car survival kit, and you’re ready for what the coldest months will bring. To get in touch with the sales staff at Certified Headquarters, call 631-366-3700 today!