Preowned Cars: Keeping your Car Healthy at 10 Years Old and Beyond

St James Preowned Car Dealer | Suffolk County Used SUVs

For most Americans, their vehicle is a critical component of their everyday life. Our cars and trucks get us to work, out and about for recreation and everything in between. While everybody enjoys a new vehicle, the majority of Americans own a vehicle that is several years old, often well over a decade.

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What Is the Most Important Purchase for Your Vehicle?

Long Island Preowned Car Dealer | New York Used Cars

Any vehicle will demand replacement parts along the road, but how do you know which parts you should prioritize? Which parts are the most critical to keep your car or truck running in good shape? While this question may seem easy to answer, the more you look into the question the more difficult to answer it becomes.

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2014 Volkswagen Passat

NY Preowned Car Dealer | Smithtown Used Cars

If you’re looking for a midsize sedan perfect for the entire family, look no further than the 2014 Volkswagen Passat. This four door, five seater sedan is known for its comfortable interior, affordable price tag and exceptional value. Your entire family will love the soothing cabin, as well as the head-turning exterior style and features the vehicle comes equipped with.

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Top 4 Causes of Summer Car Breakdowns

Long Island Preowned Car Dealer | Suffolk County Used SUVs

Summer is right around the corner and that means more vacations, more road trips, and more time spent in the car traveling from point A to point B. This season is heating up quickly, and your car can often feel the effects more than you realize. Here at Certified Headquarters, we want to make sure you and your car make it safely to all your summer fun destinations!

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Easy Steps To Replace Windshield Wiper Blades!

New York Preowned Car Dealer | St James Used Trucks

Your windshield wipers are a must have in rainy road conditions. Without windshield wipers, your visibility will be severely limited. Before heavy rainfall hits, be sure your windshield wipers are working up to par. If they are not, have no fear. The following guide, with information provided by Geico, can help you replace your windshield wipers with ease.

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6 Affordable Ways to Update and Improve Your Car

Smithtown Preowned Car Finance | Suffolk County Used SUVs

As many of you already know, your car is more than a simple means of transportation, but also an investment in your personal portfolio. While it is true that vehicle value depreciates over time, you can hedge that loss with just a few improvements. With a few simple and affordable measures, you can not only increase the value of your vehicle but enjoy more of your experiences with it as well.

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How to Change your Air Filter by Yourself

St James Used Car Service | New York Preowned Cars

Cars cost money. In addition to the actual expense of purchasing the vehicle, there’s insurance costs, administrative costs, and maintenance expenses. Cars, especially modern ones, are also complex machines with finely-tuned interconnected parts that can seem mysterious to most people. The prospect of digging around inside a car is a daunting prospect for most people, but it doesn’t have to be.

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Preparing Your Car for the Spring Season!

New York Preowned Car Dealer | Suffolk County Used SUVs

Your car is one of your most valued assets, and you want to ensure that it offers peak performance at all times. The winters might have been harsh on your car, and you might not have had the opportunity to sufficiently fine tune your vehicle. Now that springtime is here, you can take the opportunity to get your car in a top notch condition. Here are some tips to ensure that your car is ready for the summer.

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