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With over 25 years in the NY Preowned Cars Dealer business we assure you a positive experience! Here at Certified Headquarters near Smithtown, NY we know what it takes to get a Used Car deal done! If it is a specific vehicle that you desire, we will be sure to fill the order! In St. James, New York we have a National data base of off-lease and Used Dealer trades to find you the perfect car! With NO gimmicks or come-ons, our staff will treat you in a professional manner to build a relationship for future automotive needs! We are the guys you can “trust.”

At NY Pre-Owned Cars we offer complete listings of most of our vehicles in Long Island, NY area. There are cars on the ground that do not even make the internet. Due to a high volume of monthly sales our cars do not last long!

We price to sell! Do not wait! Check us out! The car you are looking at today was in another buyers eyes yesterday! We are your the Suffolk County Used Dealer! Don’t hesitate, call us at 631-366-3700 or check here for direction to Long Island Used Car Dealer.

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Best of 2013 St James

NY Preowned Dealer | St James Used Car

We are proud to say, Certified Headquarters has been recognized and presented with an award of the Best Independent NY Preowned Dealer of 2013 in St. James and Long Island, New York area! Come in today to take a test drive.


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Bad Credit Financing

NY Auto loans for people with bad credit.

Certified Headquarters is one of New York and New Jersey’s leading auto buying and sales services for people who need bad credit auto loans. If you think you have a really bad or low credit rating and have been turned down in the past, chances are we can help you get a used car loan.


Trying to Buy a car with Bad Credit?

We help carbuyers with bad credit find car dealers that will give them a second chance and get them approved fast. Certified Headquarters works with the most reputable and largest online auto loan-financing companies to ensure each person gets the best car loan, even with a bad payment history. No matter what your profile is, we can help. We work with people who have good, fair, bad and no previous repayment history, as well as people who have zero or no money down. We can help with really bad situations such as multiple bankruptcies, multiple repossessions outside of bankruptcy at different times, currently delinquent on all existing obligations, repossessions less than one year old, or a history of writing bad checks over a long period of time. Our bad credit car loans have helped hundreds of thousands of people get the vehicle they need for everyday life. Check out our bad credit auto loan resources for any questions you may have.


Car Sales for Less Than Perfect Credit

Finding car sales with less than perfect credit is not as hard as you may think. Many car loans, just like the vehicles they finance, are different in many ways.


Click here to apply for financing.

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Value Your Trade

NY Value Your Trade | New York Used Car Dealer

Want to find out what your trade is worth? At Certified Headquarters we try to give top dollar for your trade in every time. We know that your trade-in can help reduce your out of pocket expenses for your NY used car purchase. We aim to make sure that we do just that. When your trying to buy a pre-owned vehicle at Certified Headquarters, we want you in and out with exactly the vehicle and deal you were looking for. Valuing and accepting your trade in is a huge part of that process.

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