Bad Credit Stopping You from Getting a Car? Turn to Certified HQ!

If you have bad credit, have no worries. Bad credit may stop you from getting behind the wheel of a car at other dealerships, but not at Certified Headquarters. Turn to Certified Headquarters to get the financing you need and the vehicle you deserve!

Car Financing near Smithtown

At Certified Headquarters, we help car buyers with bad credit. We give shoppers a second chance and strive to help them gain financing approval. If another dealership turned you down, you can come to us with confidence knowing that we won’t turn you away. We are among the most reputable auto loan financing companies you can work with, and our online services are notably trustworthy.

Whether you have good, fair, bad, or no credit, we here at Certified Headquarters can help you get approved for an auto loan. We’ve worked with people who’ve experienced multiple repossessions, multiple bankruptcies, and even have a history of writing bad checks. No matter how bad your situation is, we know how to help you. Our financing team is professional, skilled, and knowledgeable.

Additionally, our team at Certified Headquarters has helped hundreds of thousands of people get the vehicle they need. Our dealership was named a Top Rated Dealer for 2018 by CarGurus, so you know you can trust Certified Headquarters, so contact us today!

Certified Headquarters is a used vehicle dealership located at 873 Middle Country Road in St. James . You can also contact Certified Headquarters by phone by calling 631-366-3700. We offer internet specials and financing to our customers, no matter their situation. It is our goal to help you drive off the lot in the vehicle you need, so contact Certified Headquarters today!

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