7 Signs a Used Car is a Lemon

Did you know that a month after purchasing a car, it’s estimated that two-thirds of these cars will be determined as a lemon? Although buying a preowned car can be a great choice for saving money, you also have to consider that some can end up costing you hefty repair fees down the road.

Used lemon car

If you’ve already purchased a car or will be buying one soon, consider these tips to see if your car is a lemon.

1. The Nose Knows

If you can’t help but notice an automobile has a distinct odor, you definitely need to investigate. Perhaps the interior of the car reeks of cigarette smoke and you cannot tolerate that stench. If so, you may want to think twice about purchasing the auto. Or, if it smells as though one of the car’s fluids may be leaking or burning, it is crucial to check out what is going on underneath the hood. Something could be wrong that will wind up costing you a lot of dough to have fixed.

2. The Ad Doesn’t Add Up

The ad for a pre-owned car should look professional and accurate in terms of its content and description. Not only should the ad mention the attributes of the car, but it should also reveal any problems and collision history.

3. Beware of the Warranty

Someone might be asking for a reasonable price and telling you the vehicle is still under warranty. Even if you see proof, be certain to carefully read the entire document along with every word in the fine print. After all, a warranty is only as assuring as what it actually covers cost-wise.

4. Rigid Bumper

The bumper will not budge if the suspension is no longer aligned. A good test is to push down on the bumper several times to see if it has the flexibility to rebound. If you are not able to push the bumper down, the suspension may require pricey repairs.

5. Questionable Tires

See if all the tires are the same brand and size. Many pre-owned lemons are sold with ill-assorted tires in order to save the expense of buying a complete set. Without matching tires, the vehicle will fail to drive as it should. Curved or worn tires may indicate that there is an issue with the auto’s steering or brakes.

6. Patchwork of Paint Colors

Faded spots of paint or areas that look like fresher paint are likely signs of shoddy repairs. This could indicate that the vehicle was involved in an accident and the owner did not seek professional workmanship. Inspect the car with a keen eye so as not to overlook any discrepancy in color.

7. Faulty Windows and Locks

Make sure that you check all of the power-operated windows and locks to see that they are working correctly. Faulty operation could signal a defect in the electrical system in the car. If it turns out that something is unsound with the wiring, it might require a very costly and time-consuming repair. Make it a point to check that the windows lower all the way down and also return all the way back up.

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