6 Tips for Driving at Night in Suffolk County

Driving at night can be dangerous. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, vehicle occupant fatalities resulting from night driving are triple the daytime rate. However, there are precautions you can take to reduce these risks. Here are six important tips to consider when driving at night.

1. Whenever possible, drive with someone else.

Having an occupant in the passenger’s seat who is awake and alert allows you to focus on the road as they talk with you to keep you from drifting off or losing focus of the road.

2. Make sure your windshield is clean.

Driving at night can highlight windshield dirt and debris buildup that isn’t noticeable during the day. Check your wiper fluid at least once a week and clean your windshield every time you stop for gas.

3. Avoid rush hour.

Instead of hitting the road right after work, take an hour or so to do something productive like grocery shopping or hitting the gym. You’ll end up spending less time driving in the dark and depending on the unreliability of other drivers.

4. Slow down.

Speeding and driving at night combined make two driving threats even more dangerous. Always make sure you have plenty of time to reach your destination without rushing.

5. Avoid having lights on inside the car.

Interior lights can decrease your vision substantially if you turn them on while driving at night. Pull over if you need to look for something.

6. Focus on the side of the road when a car is coming toward you.
We instinctively drive toward lights, so focusing on the side of the road when approaching another car will help keep you from straying too close to the center line.

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