6 Affordable Ways to Update and Improve Your Car

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As many of you already know, your car is more than a simple means of transportation, but also an investment in your personal portfolio. While it is true that vehicle value depreciates over time, you can hedge that loss with just a few improvements. With a few simple and affordable measures, you can not only increase the value of your vehicle but enjoy more of your experiences with it as well. Let’s take a look.

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First, we want to take a look at the outside. First impressions are always visual and your vehicle is no exception. When people meet you, oftentimes the first thing they see is your vehicle pulling into the parking lot and you want to make sure that experience is memorable in the right way.

  1. Fix the Surface

    It’s no secret that your vehicle will accumulate a series of bangs and dents over time, that’s just part of its natural life cycle. Dents are a major eyesore, but the good news is that they can be relatively easy to get rid of. Your local automotive parts store probably carries DIY dent removal kits, oftentimes for as low as $20. If there is a particularly difficult dent or ding, contact local body shops for estimates on repairing it.

  2. Patch up the paint

    While few vehicles have flawless paint jobs, small chips and scratches can really stand out and bring down the overall appearance of your vehicle. Many of these scrapes and scratches are shallow and easily repaired, your local automotive parts store likely sells touch-up paint for this very purpose. A few dabs of paint, in this case, can go a long way towards making your vehicle presentable again.

  3. Clean, clean, clean

    Last on the list of exterior improvements is the most common and easily performed task: Cleaning! While your vehicle may not be brand-new anymore, there’s no reason you can’t clean it as though it were. Vacuum the upholstery and floors before shampooing them to restore their original color and clarity. The exterior paint, now free of dents and scratches, will shine like brand new after a wash and wax.

    Having followed the above steps, your vehicle should be on its way to looking and feeling much nicer. What we’ll discuss now are some ways to improve the overall value of your vehicle and give you a few bells and whistles to play with along the way.

  4. Ditch the Lighter

    While newer vehicles are becoming increasingly compatible with portable devices, many older vehicles were designed without such things in mind. However, most vehicles have been manufactured with a built-in cigarette lighter that removes to reveal a specialized a charging port. While devices used to be equipped with ‘cigarette lighter adapters’, this has fallen out of favor. Visit your local auto parts store or browse online for an adapter that will convert your lighter port into a standardized USB port. Bring your car into the 21st century!

  5. Dock it Up

    Even though you now have a means of powering your portable devices, you don’t necessarily have a good way of using them while driving. Using a navigation app while holding your phone and driving isn’t only dangerous, it’s probably illegal depending on where you live. Browse around for a dashboard docking mount, you should be able to find one for under $30. A good dock combined with your new power source will give you the kind of functionality you’d expect from a newer vehicle, at a fraction of the cost.

  6. Pump up the Volume

    Sound rules! Whether you are a fan of big bass beats or news radio, everyone wants to listen to something and it helps to be able to hear it clearly. Older vehicles often have outdated sound systems or deteriorated quality that diminishes your listening experience. To add insult to injury, those systems are rarely compatible with your portable devices. The good news is, you can get a nice quality unit for under $100 that can provide you with features like satellite radio, Bluetooth connectivity, and integration with your devices. While this last option truly is the cherry on top, your ears will thank you for the investment.

While everyone loves a new car, sometimes that just isn’t in the cards. If you follow these simple and affordable steps though, you can upgrade your existing vehicle and enjoy similar benefits without breaking the bank. Spruce it up!