5 Tips On Buying A Preowned Truck

The market for buying trucks, both new and used, is much more of a frenzy than in the old days. Everybody wants to get their hands on a great truck. Who can blame them? Buying one is not necessarily the easiest endeavor though.

Used 2013 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 4WD Crew Cab 143.5

Certified Headquarters wants to give you some pointers on how to make the best decision and navigate the process of buying a preowned truck.

5 Tips for Used Truck Buying

1. Budget Effectively

It’s very dangerous to go shopping for a vehicle without knowing your boundaries, especially with finances. While we can always help you secure the best truck financing possible, you still should know whether you’re in the market for something that’s $15,000 versus $30,000 and beyond. It’s better to leave some wiggle room in there to cover miscellaneous expenses like minor repairs as well. Set your budget before your truck hunt, and stick with it.

2. Know What You Want

Do you want an automatic or manual transmission? How much horsepower is enough? What about towing capacity, cab size, and off-road capabilities? Given all those potential preferences, you might have a lot to consider. Fortunately, we’ll help you narrow things down when you come to see us.

3. Don’t Just Look; Inspect Everything

If this is going to be your truck, you need to be in charge and leave no stone unturned. Inspect everything! This includes the tire tread, oil/coolant levels, how well the electrical components are functioning, signs of rust or damage, and more.

4. Know the Facts & History

Always check the Carfax and any other vehicle history. You’ll want to know if there were any strange lapses in service or if the truck was ever in an accident. Consider getting a comprehensive pre-purchase inspection.

5. Mileage Matters

You know how much mileage you’ll need to put on this truck, and that will dictate whether you buy a preowned truck with lower or higher mileage. Obviously, lower mileage is better, but that tends to cost more, and a vehicle with very old parts could offset the benefits of low mileage.

Certified Headquarters has served the St. James area with excellent preowned trucks, cars, and SUVs for 25 years. Car Gurus considers us as its top-rated dealer in the area, an honor we’ve held every year since 2017. Find out why by browsing our pre-owned inventory. We have tons of great truck models and options with less than 90,000 miles. For more information, call us by telephone at 631-366-3700 or visit us at 873 Middle Country Road in St. James NY.

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