5 Simple Rules for Your Teenage Driver

When it comes to your teenager getting behind the wheel, there’s a lot to think about. While they’re looking forward to a new world of freedom (and responsibility), you’re more than likely a bit nervous. For them, this is an important rite of passage, and it’s up to you to educate them on making the right choices and adhering to the rules. Fear not, these 5 standards and practices will ensure that you start them off on the right foot.

Understand State Laws

All drivers’ licenses are issued by the state. Depending on where you live, certain rules might be in place. Be sure that your teen understands the state regulations before they get behind the wheel.

Teenage Driver

When the sun goes down, the car gets parked

It’s common for teenagers to have a curfew. This should also apply when they’re behind the wheel. While experienced drivers have no problem driving at night, a novice might not be able to exercise the same caution. Setting a curfew before nighttime will ensure that your teenage driver doesn’t run the risk of endangering themselves.

Sometimes teenagers just don’t understand

While a lot changes from decade to decade, the necessity for parents and teens to communicate with one another doesn’t. While talking to your teenager about safe driving might not be as awkward as the time you had to explain where babies come from, it’s far more important. While they might not always see eye to eye with you, being on the same page about driving safely makes all the difference.

Drive safe, drive alone

Teenagers are social creatures. The minute they get their license they’re going to want to go out and celebrate with their closest friends. Because impulsive actions can lead to accidents, it’s important that your teenager understands the necessity of limiting the number of passengers that ride with them. Depending on their level of skill, you should monitor who they plan on having in their car at any moment. Some states don’t allow new drivers to have passengers for the first six months of obtaining a license. Even the most conscientious teen can get distracted.

Enforce the rules

In a perfect world, children would always listen to their parents and obey the rules without question. Sadly, this world only exists in fantasy land. Teens can be rebellious and sometimes don’t follow parental regulations. When this happens, the hammer must fall. They might not like having their keys taken away, but it’s important they understand that driving is not a right, but a privilege.

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